Shock and Awe
An amateur rocket launch.

The NAVRO is a Dutch national association for non-professional rocketry.

The NAVRO activities spans the whole range of the rocketry hobby, from small model rockets, greater and more complex HPR rockets to advanced amateur rockets which are often team efforts.

The main activities of the NAVRO are:

  • Model rocketry: Designing, building and launching of model rockets in accordance with the NAR safety code. Typically these rockets vary in size between 10cm and 100cm, but are usually between 20cm and 40cm. Model rockets are built using commercially available parts or kits and motors. It is an activity of our youth members, but adult members enjoy it as well.
  • High Power Rocketry (HPR): Designing, building and launching of HPR rockets in accordance with the Tripoli safety code. For the experienced rocketeer HPR is the logical follow up on model rockets, both in size and engineering challenge. Although similar in size and performance to amateur rockets, HPR rockets are built using commercially available kits or parts and motors.
  • Amateur rocketry: Designing, building and launching of amateur rockets. This class of rockets is the ultimate challenge for non-professional rocketeers. The challenge is to design and build the whole rocket, including motor and electronics. Building an amateur rocket requires an array of specialised skills and therefore amateur rockets are usually built as a team effort. The team members contribute there skills, whether they are learned at school, work or the NAVRO, on mechanics, chemistry, electronics, mathematics and software.
  • Propellant and rocket motor research:The development of composite rocket propellants which have a good performance and can safely be handled by experienced members. This includes testing these propellants and optimising them by adding chemical additions. The next challenge is to design, build and test rocket motors with these propellants and find a propellant configuration which results in an optimal thrust curve for launching amateur rockets.
A model rocket launch
A model rocket launch

The NAVRO is a social rocketry club, situated in Alblasserdam. Presently our association has 20 members. Local members meet weekly and several meetings are organized each year for both local and non-local members. Aside from several smaller launches, at least two big launches are organized each year. Trips to other activities and launches are also undertaken. The NAVRO also maintains good relationships with fellow rocketeers, rocket associations and professional rocket/space organizations.

Please explore the NAVRO website to find out more about the NAVRO and the very exciting, challenging and educational rocketry hobby.

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