The NAVRO offers three kinds of membership:

  • Youth members

    The main activity of youth members is building and launching model rockets. Every Friday evening there is an club meeting where the youth members get instructions and build there own rockets under supervision of experienced senior members. These rockets are launched on several launch days. Youth membership is open for persons younger then 16 years.

  • HPR & model rocketry members

    These members concentrate there activities on building model and/or HPR rockets. Most HPR and model rocketry members build there rockets at home. Information and knowledge exchange takes place at launches, (special) club evenings and on the internet, like the NAVRO forum. But the NAVRO also has an fully equipped workshop which may be used.

  • General members

    In addition to the activities described above, general members may participate in the design and building of amateur rockets as well in motor and propellant research.

If you want to become NAVRO member or want to known more about the membership you can email the for more information.

Impuls Nieuwsbrief

Impuls Nieuwsbrief 1

The "Impuls Nieuwsbrief" was the NAVRO's newsletter. If there is enough content, it may well be published again. Below are old editions in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.
Note: The "Impuls Nieuwsbrief" is in Dutch.


Peter Leemker and .
Pleun Punt, with additional text by Gerben-Jan Ligthart and others when credited.
Thanks to Harry Advokaat for helping to translate.
Fred van Arkel and Pleun Punt with additional pictures by NAVRO members and others when credited.
If accidentally your picture is used without permission, please contact the .


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    G.J. Ligthart
    Wilde Woutstraat 12
    2951 VV  Alblasserdam
    The Netherlands
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    Due to unforseen circumstances we had to place our club house in storage. We are searching for a new location. If you can help, please contact us.

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