Het NAVRO clubgebouw.

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Since the early days the NAVRO has used a space in community center "de Mijlpaal" in Alblasserdam. However, early this century it became clear that the community center would close. Also laws and regulations make it very difficult for the NAVRO to use other community buildings. Therefore the NAVRO started investigating the possibilities to build our own clubhouse. After many years of searching for a suitable location and obtaining the proper permits, early 2007 the construction on site began. The hull was built by a contractor, the finishing was done by the members of the NAVRO. 28 June 2008 the clubhouse was officially opened.

Unfortunately the NAVRO could not use the clubhouse for a long time. The terrain on wicht our clubhouse was placed was, due to the economic crisis, unfortunately sold in 2010. The clubhouse was replaceable so we eagerly went looking for a new location. Unfortunately no suitable location was found and  relocation proved financially unfeasible.

During 20111 NAVRO evenings were held every two weeks in the social and cultural community center "Landvast". Not an ideal situation because the tools indispensable for the NAVRO as the lathe, drill column etc. were decentralized. Eventually the Model Association Alblsserdam offered us to held the tow-week NAVRO evenings at their location. This proved to be a better and cozier alternative. In the spring of 2013 we get a pleasant surprise! There appeared a location for rent in Albasseerdam. After inspection this location was found to be suitable and so an three year "homeless" period came to an end. On Wednesday, 1st may 2013 the first NAVRO evening was held in our new clubhouse.

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