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Although the NAVRO was founded in March 1978 it started almost half a year earlier in the last quarter of 1977. Gerben-Jan Ligthart and Ad de Roode were in their mid-teens when together they founded the NAVRO. This document was intended to raise new members. Below is the English translation. If you want you can also view a good scan of this document.

The English translation of the original document:

dear (future) member.

I and my colleague will try to explain what the N.A.V.R.O. encompasses.
The meaning of N.A.V.R.O. is Nederlandse Algemene Vereniging voor Ruimtevaart Onderzoek (Dutch general association for developments in space flight).
We are also interested in astronomy, photography and aviation.
Every 3 months a magazine is published of the latest developments in the space flight and the N.A.V.R.O.
In November/December a free book is published, written by me (Gerben Jan Ligthart) and Ad de Roode.
The costs are ƒ1,50 per year (for December)
During the summer holiday nothing happens, because the N.A.V.R.O. is dormant then.
There will be several activities like a visit to a observatory. This could be for free or for a small fee. But all of this is going to take place from the summer of 1978.
If of one of the aforesaid hobbies interests then become a member.
Only serious inquiries.

signature managers: G.J. Ligthart
de Roode

P.S. the magazines are free

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