Early static test motors and the first flight motor were known as K1800, because the total inpulse of 1800Ns. The improved K2000 was thought to be of 2000Ns, but it was discovered later is was more like the original 1800Ns.

Specifications: Dimensions:
UN-classification: 0281 K2000 dimensions.
US Standardized Motor Coding: K330
Propellant: Kalinitrox 80.20/0,5/31,5
Grain: 50HTST4/1:1/L:D=12
Propellant mass: 1.50kg
Total mass: 3.15kg
Cg0: 395mm
Cg1: 398mm
Total impulse: 1800Ns
Effective burning time: 7s

Thrust (N) vs burning time (s):
K2000 graphic.
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