Alblasserdam/Rijswijk, 21 June, 2003 - 18 June was a very exciting day for the NAVRO. Both the Kalinitrox (potassium nitrate/potassium perchlorate based) and Kalinidex (potassium nitrate/sugar based) propellants were to be tested at TNO/PML, so they could be reclassified in the 1.4 class. TNO is the leading Dutch testing and qualifying organization. TNO/PML is its military and explosives testing facility. The main purpose of the tests was to confirm that both propellants burn at a temperature that is low enough for firemen come as close as 15 metres near it in case of an emergency.

The tests were very spectacular to see, but the temperatures measured at 15 metres during both tests were very low. As a matter of fact they were so low that they were almost immeasurable. We have received the report from TNO/PML so both propellants are now officially classified as 1.4.

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