Transinne, Belgium, 18 July, 2004 - On Sunday 18 July a small but dedicated group of NAVRO members visited the Belgian Launch Campaign 2004 (BLC 2004). This launch was organised by the Euro Space Center in collaboration with the Vlaamse Raket Organisatie (VRO) and the Groupe d'Etudes Aérospatiales (GEA). In all its wisdom the organization cancelled the VRO's W2 rocket launch. While two rocket's, the Castor (VRO) and the H-11b (NERO) were launched before the public arrived, because of safety reasons. The one amateur rocket that was launched after we arrived, was the Reflux (GEA), which motor malfunctioned. The day ended with an HPR launch, which was the best the launch we saw that day. All in all the organization had a very lean programme at the public part of the day.

The following pictures were taken that day by Harry Advokaat, Bert Koerts and Pleun Punt.

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