NAVRO launch days (NLD)

NLD48 / SLD2018-2 Launch campaign 18-05-2018
NLD47 / SLD2017-3 Launch campaign 22-09-2017
NLD46 / SLD2017-2 Launch campaign 19-05-2017
NLD45 / SLD2016-3 Launch campaign 23-09-2016
NLD44 / SLD2016-1 Launch campaign 20-05-2016
NLD43 / SLD2015-4: Cancelled 18-09-2015
NLD42 / SLD2015-1 Launch campaign 01-05-2015
NLD41 Launch campaign 19-09-2014
NLD40 Launch campaign 02-05-2014
NLD39 Launch campaign 13-09-2013
NLD38 Launch campaign 07-06-2013
NLD31 launch campaign: A bit wet, some setbacks and some good launches 07-05-2010
NLD30 launch campaign: A very miserable launch 02-10-2009
NLD29 launch campaign: Record number of launches 08-05-2009
NLD28 launch campaign: Experimental 23-10-2008
NLD27 launch campaign: Only half the rockets parachuted 10-04-2008
NLD26 launch campaign: Disappointments and joy 07-09-2007
NLD25 launch campaign: Busy, but many successful launches 01-06-2007
NLD24: Cancelled 01-09-2006
NLD23 launch campaign: Launches and motor tests 28-04-2006
NLD22: Cancelled 19-08-2005
NLD21 launch campaign: Launches and motor tests 22-04-2005
NLD20 launch campaign: Launches and motor tests 03-09-2004
NLD19 launch campaign: Crashes and good launches 02-04-2004
NLD18: Photo report 05-09-2003
NLD17 launch campaign: Crashes and good launches 03-04-2003
Successful NLD16 launch campaign 06-09-2002
Successful NLD15 launch campaign 05-04-2002
Successful NLD14 launch campaign 24-08-2001
NLD13: Cancelled 01-05-2001
Successful NLD12 launch campaign 20-10-2000
Successful NLD11 launch campaign 07-04-2000
Successful NLD10 launch campaign 13-08-1999
Successful NLD9 launch campaign 21-05-1999
Successful first launch: NLD1 06-08-1993
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