Thunder and Lightnin
On NLD10 we had some guests who launched HPR rocket's. One of these was Frank de Brouwer's "Thunder and Lightning". (Picture: Frank de Brouwer)

ASK 't Harde, 13 August, 1999 - Again was the main attraction an Hercules rocket. Now know as the N19. This is the repaired N18 minus camera. The electronics were again our own transmitter and the IA-X96 Cambridge Accelerometer of Emmanuel Avionics. The flight was very successful are parachuted perfectly again.

All day their was very little wind, which is unusual for ASK 't Harde. This benefited also our guests from the Outer Limits team, who launched some HPR rockets with great success. Always present are some model rockets. This time a bit experimental with some glider carriers and a rocket with rotor instead of a parachute.

Looking back, the day was not as orderly as we wanted it to be. Because there we were with fewer NAVRO members than usual, we could not attend our guests as we wanted. But on the other hand we had good weather to launch and we had seen many great flights.

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