Oval Maste
Jan-Hein Ramakers' Oval Master before launch.

ASK 't Harde, 5 April, 2002 - NLD15 was a little different than all other NLD's. Because the N23 wasn't ready in time, only HPR rockets were launched.

Thursday morning 4 April NAVRO members loaded the equipment from our club house in Alblasserdam. Just after two, we arrived at the site to set up our towers and equipment. After the a meal in the mess hall, we began to prepare the rockets. After that we had a great evening at the bar.

The next morning after breakfast, we set up the last bits of equipment and the launches could start. The wind conditions were bad. First was the ZSM on a H128-W from NAVRO member Pleun Punt, his first HPR rocket. His Nessus kit made a nice flight. However without the wire mesh installed between the motor and muffler the shock cord melted and the lower part of the rocket crashed from 480 metres (1550 foot). The upper part with the R-DAS landed safely. The lower was found virtually intact with only one twisted fin. Next was Jan-Hein Ramakers' Oval Master on a H242-T, which made a successful flight. It was followed by the Orange on a J180-T. Bert Koerts' his Orange, made a perfect flight as usual. It was followed by another rocket of Bert Koerts, the Bullpuppy on H242-T. This rocket suffered from a broken shock cord and a part landed outside the landing zone. This was due to the increased wind. The last HPR rocket to fly was the G-Force of Rolf Querido on a H128-W. The angle of the tower was set relatively low to compensate for to the wind, but the rocket sadly made a parabolic flight without parachuting.

Also launched was a large model rocket on four D12-5 motors, which although suffering from the wind, parachuted perfectly. Their were more HPR and model rocketlaunches planned, but they were cancelled, due to the wind. Looking back it was a nice day, but it would have been better if their was less wind.

See you all at 16 August on NLD16!

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