Wissel, Germany, 17-19 April, 2009 - I had never had been to the NRT, but this year's edition certainly was very enjoyable. It was nearby, just over the Dutch-German border. I arrived Friday afternoon, to participate in the barbeque and meet other rocketeers. Saturday the launches really started and many rockets were launched. I was so busy seeing launches, I forgot to launch most of my own rockets...
Parallel to the "solid rocket propellant" launches there were "wet" launches with water rockets. I have missed most of them, but there were some very spectacular ones like multiple bottle water rockets and even a A-4 (V-2) water rocket. The day ended with a barbeque and releasing an Asian lampoon balloon. Sunday morning Jan-Hein Ramakers flew his RC-rocket glider (like he did Saturday afternoon), which I had never seen before and it was a very spectacular sight.

Thanks to Rainer Lesaar for organising a great launch and also thanks to the other participants for the good time and great launches.

See you all next time (I hope),
Pleun Punt

Unfortunately I don't have all the names of the rockets and their builders. If you know the name of a rocket and/or builder, please mail the NAVRO
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