The launch of Rolf Querido's Phoeni
A typical HPR launch. The rocket launched is the Phoenix of the late Rolf Querido. The other rocket is his AMRAAM 4. Both were launched on 6 September, 2002 at the NLD16.

High Power Rocketry (HPR) is a discipline of rocketry shares properties of both model rocketry and amateur rocketry. The performance and size of a HPR rocket is similar to amateur rockets. But the rockets are, like model rockets, built using mainly commercially available standardised parts or by assembling a rocket kit. Propulsion is provided by prefabricated rocket motors that are tested and approved by the Tripoli Rocketry Association. Due to the wide variety of commercially available motors, from 180Ns up to 20.000Ns, the technical challenges are much greater than in model rocketry. Since building a HPR rocket is much less complicated than building an amateur rocket, most HPR rocketeers build their rockets single-handedly, whereas most amateur rockets are a team effort. Materials used in HPR rockets are cardboard, phenolic and Quantum tubes with multiplex or G10 fins. Laminating tubes involves working with epoxy resin and glass fibre or carbon fibre cloth. For recovery of larger rockets on board computers or timers are used. Like all types of hobby rockets, HPR rockets lands using a parachute. More complicated two-stage parachuting is used in larger HPR rockets.

HPR rockets have been launched by guests on NAVRO Launch Days (NLD's) since 1996, when the hobby was introduced in The Netherlands. Since the largest percentage of Dutch HPR launches have taken place on our NLD's. These HPR guest flyers have teamed up with the NAVRO to form an HPR branch of the NAVRO.

The NAVRO has much to offer to HPR rocketeers:

  • At least two Dutch launches at the NLD's or special HPR launches
  • Information exchange between rocketeers
  • Help with building rockets or using rocket specific techniques
  • Social activities, like visiting museums and launches abroad
If you are interested you can contact the NAVRO for more information.
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