N5 Name: N5 "Partiarius"
Type: Midget A
Motor: K600
Launch: WWLC 1993, Bourges, 29 August 

The N5 was the private project of Vincent Kouer with some assistance of other NAVRO members. He had obtained an aluminium tube, which had to fly. The tube was said to be a part of a Fokker 100's fuel pipe (The Fokker 100 is a 100 man passenger aircraft that was built by Fokker Aircraft, which is now bankrupt...).
The N5 was designed for the K600 motor. The flight was a success, except for the recovery transmitter, which did not function. The N5 was found anyway. The N5 reached a maximum speed of 221m/s and an altitude of 1800 metres.


N5 "Partiarius"

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