N11 Name: N11
Type: Midget C
Motor: K2000
Launch: NLD4, ASK 't Harde, 12 May 1995

During the winter of 1994/1995 the K1800 was upgraded to the K2000, giving the N11 more thrust than the N10 of a year earlier. The N11 main purposes however, were its experiments. Using an improved version of the N8's electronics, the measured values were: atmospheric pressure, rotation, acceleration, temperature on top of the nose cone, as well as the temperature of the rockets surrounding air and a Doppler-measurement. A barometric altimeter was also present. All data was recorded to be downloaded into the computer when the rocket was recovered. However, the rocket did not parachute and has not been found to this day. The probable cause was pyro-technical. Since then our rockets have had multiple pyro-technical systems.



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