N18 Name: N18 (1999)
Type: Hercules A1
Motor: K2000
Launch: NLD9, ASK 't Harde, 21 May 1999

After the year of cancelled NLD's we finally were to launch again in 1999. During that year we forgot we already had allocated the N18 number, so the new rocket was also called N18. On the website this N18 is called just N18. The new N18 was again equipped with a camera, this time facing upwards to shoot images of the deployment of the parachutes. Unfortunately the antenna was badly targeted, so we had some interference in the images, but most of the parachute deployments could be seen. It happens fast, only in a few frames! This time the parachuting was done correctly, much to our relieve. The altimeter was the commercial IA-X96 Cambridge Accelerometer of Emmanuel Avionics.



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