N25 Name: N25
Type: Midget B
Motor: K600
Launch: NLD20, ASK 't Harde, 3 September 2004

The N25 project started life with an eight years old K600 motor we had in storage and wanted to use in a rocket. We also had the reasonable complete 1993 vintage N8 hanging on our ceiling. So those two were matched. On the rocket we replaced the parachute hatch, the parachute hatch release mechanism, the electronics, the lower body tube and the fins. Both the parachute hatch and two of the fins were reclaimed from old N8 parts. The electronics compromised a transmitter and an R-DAS. Like the N8, we also measured rotation.
The launch and flight of the N25 were perfect and it went up in a straight line. It landed almost unscratched. It reached an altitude of 1260m and it rotated around its axis once every 1.8 seconds.

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