N28 Name: N28
Type: Titan C
Motor: NAVRO Kalinidex K90.6.5700
Launch: NLD42, ASK 't Harde, 1 May 2015

This Titan rocket was launched on 1 May 2015. For the flight the Titan C was used which was used as the N27. The difference with the N27 was that now a K90.6 type engine was used with a total impulse of 5700 Ns. This K90.6.5700 was the result of the engine test KSB2014-T003 / 004 witch where held in 2014. The rocket reached an altitude of 2500 m and parachuted successful. This time two small video cameras were mounted on the rocket, one facing up and the other down. Unfortunately, the camera looking up didn't make recordings, the other cameras made beautiful recordings of the flight.

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