N29 Name: N29
Type: Titan C
Motor: NAVRO Kalinidex K90.6.5700
Launch: NLD44, ASK 't Harde, 20 may 2016

The N29 was launched on May 20, 2016. For this flight the Titan-C was used witch was already used as N27. The electronics frame for this flight was extended with a sensor package. The aim was to test different sensors for use in the new NAVRO flight computer.
The rocket flew again with K90.6.5700 rocket engine. Now, however, it was decided not to recover the hatch. This time both cameras recorded beautiful images of, among others, the parachuting of the rocket. The rocket reached an altitude of 2800 m (according to then new sensors, RDAS > 2500m). Parachuting unfortunately was only partly successful and the rocket landed hanging on the drogue ballutte. By this relatively hard landing, the nose cone and parachute section of the rocket were destroyed. The recordings of the parachuting camera where carefully studied. Also there where different theories developed that might explain why the main ballutte remained unopened. A satisfactory explanation was not found.

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