N29 Name: N30
Type: Hercules B
Motor: NAVRO Kalinidex K90.4.3800
Launch: NLD45, ASK 't Harde, 23 September 2016

The N30 was a Hercules B type rocket where the engine has the same diameter as the rocket. Therefore the lower part of the rocket is completely motor and the fins are clamed on the motor. The purpose of this launch was to test te NUND parachuting system at higher speeds. Because of this we used a small drougue shute. Unfortunatelely the drougue chute was to small and therfore the rocket did not turn before the deployment of the main parachute. As a result, the main parachute has not been pulled out of the parachute compartment. The N30 has therefore suffered great damage during the landing.

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