The general outlines of the rocket at early design stage.

By Pleun Punt

The rocket Bjorn was built during the summer of 2003. It has a length of 2,4 metres. The tube is a cardboard with a diameter of 100mm covered with glass fibre. During its first flight at NLD18 on 5 September 2003 its R-DAS unit just recorded the flight. The parachute was to deploy using the ejection charge of the AeroTech I284-W. Although it was a nice launch the parachute didn't deployed well and damaged the rocket in several places. During a hectic period of 10 days the damage was repaired and during ALRS IV on 20 September was launched again, renamed as Bjorn Again. A J350-W brought the rocket over 800m high. The R-DAS was now connected with an igniter to an ejection charge to deploy the parachute and backed up by an ejection charge on the motor. This time the rocket parachuted perfectly and was recovered intact.

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