Part 1, 24 November, 2007

After seeing several crashes over the years Benjamin Wilkosz concluded that it would be expensive to develop ever increasingly complex rockets on his own. After consultation with others it seemed wise to pull their resources together for future complex projects. A discussion on the NAVRO forum soon erupted and it ended in a multi-staged clustered rocket. As there was interest from almost all NAVRO members in this project a meeting was called in our new club house on 10 November, 2007. The meeting was about collecting ideas. Several people had made a relative complete concept design of the rocket, while others were just attributing single ideas or part designs.

The second meeting was two weeks later on 24 November. This time we distilled the best and most practical ideas of the last meeting and came up with a general design concept. The rocket is going to be a two-stage rocket, using a 3,9" (100mm) tube. The aim for now is to get the rocket to the maximum altitude at our launch site. Another important aim is working together well, as some project members prefer to built their rockets the cheap and dirty way and others seek perfection. The next phase in this project will be the start of a "rolling document". This will be the documentation in which the design of the rocket is worked out.

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